About Us

Mariam Issa

Mariam Issa is a visionary storyteller, a life coach, an author, a community builder and an educator holding diversity in a unified vision. She’s committed to offering tools to be more tuned skillfully together. She has a potent understanding of adversity which shines a fierce light to all issues she embraces, weaving her African heritage and her creed (Islam) into contemporary expressions of faith, inviting all to join her at the table of compassionate conversations. She has honed and distilled her unique memories to support others to tap into their inner reservoir and resourcefulness. She is a living example and embodiment of resilience and courage, teaching through demands of her own life experience, a generous, gracious contribution to contemporary conversations of belonging.

I see myself as a global citizen. I was born in Somalia, I grew up in East Africa, I lived in the U.A.E and Qatar for a decade, and I now call Australia home. I was raised by a nomadic woman whose resilience, resourcefulness and resolve was fierce. As such, I respect the voice of women and applaud it when they take space. I am a great believer in creating my story. I have successfully (but not without many challenges), broken through a host of barriers associated with culture, race, migration, gender and others. My Passion & Purpose is to connect and hold space for women to integrate their story and transform it into a desirable outcome. 
Mariam Issa

Our Values



Be honest and true to yourself – don’t try to be someone else



With others and yourself



Sit with people in their own different realities



Listen, observe with no judgement, and validate their emotions



Build a family beyond your blood relations. “I am because you are.”



Compassion leads to patience, in ourselves and in others through their process of change